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Work With Us

Lumnus Consulting has worked with clients across a variety of industries. With the support of our diverse consultants and international network, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect team and delivering meaningful results.

Contact us and we will open up a dialogue with your company within a week to formulate a tentative plan.

We will schedule a meeting to discuss our potential solution, as well as quotes.

We begin work, keeping you updated with weekly progress reports until our project is complete.

Past Projects

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Conducted research to understand market size and target audience.

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Estin & Co.

Collaborated with other Junior Enterprises across the United States to complete a comprehensive market research project.

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Created and implemented client's marketing strategy, and launched a brand ambassador program at UCSD.

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Conducted market research to identify how mental health companies reach their target markets and to analyze college students' preferences on social media.

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Produced several deliverables that aided the client's whitepaper development. These include reports on Implementation, Legal, Maintenance, and Risk.

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Conducted US industry research and developed marketing and implementation strategies.

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DConducted an analysis of onboarding strategies to increase clients' student-employee converstion rate.